Bien Cuit

A neighborhood bakery rooted in tradition and care


Zachary Golper


Bread & Cookies


Handmade, small batch baked goods


Brooklyn, NY

Zachary Golper opened Bien Cuit in 2011 after years of experience and training with some of the world’s most renowned and experienced bakers and pastry chefs. His extensive background in bread and pastry has made Bien Cuit a favorite spot amongst Brooklyners, and his pastries are featured at shops across the city.

Bien Cuit practices small batch mixing, which ensures time and attention is given to each loaf, and all the mixing is done entirely by hand. This allows for more control over the fermentation and gluten production, which leads to more balanced, tastier loaves of bread. They also support regenerative agriculture and farming practices by sourcing flour from small, local mills and farmers whenever possible. Wheat grown and milled in New York State is used in their breads, part of their ongoing commitment to growing a sustainable grain economy within New York State.

Bien Cuit is built on traditional methods of baking, but also places emphasis on the traditional thought that a bakery is the heart of the community. They work to feed the community by providing them with fresh pastries and breads, baked with care from whole, local ingredients.

Bien Cuit Miche Sourdough

from $13.00 per weekly harvest

This ancient style of bread has enough character that it could be the meal itself – and historically, it once was. The addition of whole wheat and rye flour give it a malted flavor, deeply caramelized crust, and moist crumb. It also contains a higher acidity, lending a longer shelf life.


Delicious, farm-fresh harvests are closer than you think.