Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Handmade Pies with local ingredients


Melissa and Emily Elsen




Handmade with local ingredients


Brooklyn, NY

Sisters Melissa and Emily Elsen opened Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie shop to do what no one else at the time seemed to be doing — make pies exclusively by hand using seasonal and fresh ingredients sourced from local orchards and farms. A true local pie shop, their products are always freshly baked and their pies have been praised around the world.

Originally from South Dakota, their mother and her sisters owned and operated a local restaurant where their grandmother made handmade pie. After pursuing very different careers in sculpture, finance and photography, they took their family’s history and culinary tradition and opened a small shop in an apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It has since grown to multiple larger locations, but never wavering from its mission to provide delicious, wholesome pies made with fresh and local ingredients.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds partners with many of the same farms we do to include the most delicious, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients in their pies.

2 Mini Salted Caramel Apple Pies (Add-On)

from $12.00 per weekly harvest

Hand made caramel sauce is mixed with a blend of sweet and tart apples sourced from Hudson Valley, NY to bring you the perfect bite.


Delicious, farm-fresh harvests are closer than you think.