Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

March 01, 2018

Product: Coffee
: Supports small farms and sustainable growing practices
Location: Millerton, NY and NYC

Drink responsibly...

Irving Farm is one of New York's most beloved hometown coffee roasters. With eight cafe locations in Manhattan and their very own roasting and brewing facilities in Millerton, NY, as well as one of the best and most comprehensive green sourcing programs, we can see why.


With Irving Farm, sourcing and sustainability are at the center of every conversation. Dan Streetman and Mayita Mendez, who lead the green buying program, work tirelessly with coffee growers around the world to establish and maintain ongoing and mutually respectful relationships in order to ensure quality, environmental sustainability, and economic security for every person involved. One of the things we admire most about Irving Farm is their emphasis on direct relationships and open dialogues with their communities, farmers and customers alike. Not to mention, their philosophy of long-term sustainability and quality over quantity means that not only do New Yorkers walk away with an incredible cup of coffee, but they can also walk away knowing that they got it in a fair and responsible way.