Kirchenberg Farm

January 29, 2019

Farmers: John and Grace Zimmerman
Products: Eggs
Growing: Free ranging, pasture raised goats, chickens, hens, and pigs for cheese, yogurt, eggs, and more
Location: Fleetwood, PA


Kicking it old-school...

When you buy eggs, you hope it’s from a place like this. Set into a hillside in Fleetwood, PA, Kirchenberg Farm is a 36-acre diversified dairy farm owned and operated by John and Grace Zimmerman, along with the help of their children.


Following their Mennonite tradition, John and Grace are old-school in the best way. They keep their operation relatively small, ensuring that both their family can keep up with the work, as well as to provide the best possible quality of life for their animals. With their many acres of rolling grassy hills, Kirchenberg animals spend most of their days outside, roaming, grazing, and dictating much of their own diets, which aside from grasses and foraged plants and insects includes soy-free and non-GMO grains. The freedom their goats and hens have to live and eat naturally is what makes their eggs and other products so vibrant, nutritious, and delicious.

Rather have a taste first?

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