Sprout Creek Farm

July 17, 2017

Product: Cheese
: Grass-fed cows
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Sprout Creek Farm raises free-ranging cows, sheep, goats, free-range turkeys, guinea fowl, chickens, and pigs. They are also an educational center, offering day, weekend, and summer programs that help connect young people to the land, the seasons, and the plants and animals that co-exist here in harmonious rhythm.  Sprout Creek Farm, Inc. is a 501c3 incorporated not-for-profit organization.

The mission of Sprout Creek Farm is to educate people to understand and appreciate our connection to the earth and our responsibility for its care.

Their cheese comes from grass-fed Jersey, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Normande and Holstein cows and our Nubian, Toggenburg and Oberhasli goats. These artisanal cheeses are made in the age-old tradition of European farmstead cheese, using a method that enhances the innate qualities of the milk. From season to season, you can actually taste subtle differences as the pasture grasses change with fluctuating temperatures and amounts of rainfall.