Taproot Farm

April 03, 2017

Farmer: George Brittenburg
Product: Vegetables
Growing: USDA Organic
Location: Shoemakersville, PA

The proof is in the pudding… or the soil

"The nourishing power of fresh, delicious food unites people into healthy relationships. It unites people with the environment. It is the substance of ritual.”


That’s why we love Taproot Farm. Since 2009, Taproot Farm has been a family operation in the truest sense, cultivating strong relationships between farm, farmer, customer, and environment. They don’t just want to grow food, they want to grow food that’s good for you and that tastes amazing, which is why everything they do centers around the soil. In order to produce the most nutritious and best-tasting produce, George and his family work tirelessly to create healthy, nutrient-rich, fertile soil environments through practices like cover-cropping, composting, diverse cropping, and of course, organic farming practices - with Taproot Farm, there are no such thing as short-cuts.


Rather have a taste first?

Local Roots Experiences are fun, pop-up events where we bring the farm to you!


Delicious, farm-fresh harvests are closer than you think.