Butter a la carte

  • Grass-fed milk, small-batch, pasture raised cows
  • 8oz container
  • Delivered the week after order is placed, specific date depends on the Local Roots market you select for pick up. Please see our locations page for market day and hours. You'll receive a confirmation email specifying the date after purchase.

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Kriemhild Meadow Butter is made in small batches only during the growing season when the cow’s are grazing on quality, fresh pasture grasses. It is made with 100% grass-fed milk from a single family farm, Red Gate Farm in Hamilton, NY. This sweet cream butter is churned slowly and finished with an 85% butterfat, resulting in a decadently rich smooth textured butter. There are no other ingredients except for salt, harvested and processed in NY.

    1. Salted
  • Kriemhild Dairy, NY
    Kriemhild is a majority woman owned and farmer owned company and values community and the environment.



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