Propolis a la carte

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Humans have seen the medicinal benefits of propolis since ancient Egypt. Though there is inadequate research done to confirm the efficacy of propolis, it can be applied to wounds, acne, and cold sores to improve in the healing process, enhance the effects of antibiotics, improve the immune system, help with arthritis, and possibly even be an effective treatment for some cancers. This tincture will last you the season, aiding you through sore throats and any battle wounds you may incur this year.

Propolis is a sticky substance that bees make when gathering resin from trees and mixing it with wax flakes he stores in his abdomen. Also known as bee glue, bees use it to cover invaders so they do not contaminate the hive, prevent disease from entering the hive, and provides stability to the structure of the hive.
Note: Propolis may cause allergic reactions to those allergic to bee or bee products.

  • Sweet Things Wild Thyme, NY
    Hives are raised by Andy Kurosz in organic fields throughout upstate New York.

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