Sumac-in Me Crazy Spice Blend a la carte

  • Ethically sourced in collaboration with Burlap & Barrel
  • Fresh, direct from farming cooperatives

  • We want cooking to be easy so we've made this spice blend with your seasonal, Local Roots bounty in mind. Wild Mountain Cumin seeds bring a perfect balance to Cured Sumac and Silk Chili Flakes. Mildly smokey in flavor with a light kick in the end, it’s all you need to roast your veggies, chicken, or white fish. Add it to a light soup or a leafy green sauté for pure flavor perfection.
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    About each Spice
    • Sumac: instead of being dried, it is chopped and packed in salt for preservation. This sumac has a bright, sour, salty and slightly fermented flavor, and is popular amongst NYC's best chefs
    • Wild Mountain Cumin: Tiny, oblong and black with long stems, the wild mountain cumin in our spice blend is renowned in Afghanistan and throughout central and south Asia for its delicious flavor as well as its medicinal properties. It has a savory, penetrating aroma and bright, umami flavor evocative of grilled meats and sweet caramelized onions. Our partners Burlap & Barrel are the only importer of wild mountain cumin from Afghanistan. It cumin grows wild and can be considered naturally organic as no pesticides or other chemicals are used in its cultivation.
    • Silk Chili: These Summery, sweet and spicy silk chili come from Kahramanmaras, Turkey, where the traditional drying and grinding process results in a chili flake with a very smooth, slippery texture. 

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