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Sweet Potatoes 2lbs (Add-On)

The iconic fall ingredient for all your favorite dishes is here. Sweet, earthy, and comforting flavors are coming your way with every bit of these sweet potatoes. Roast and caramelize them, make them into a hash, serve inside your breakfast burrito, blend into an Autumn soup, or slice and bake into fries.

  • Organic
  • Grown by Next Barn Over Farm, MA
  • 2 lbs of sweet potatoes
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The Problem

Conventionally grown sweet potatoes are sprayed with chemicals to stop their natural process of sprouting. These kinds of additives contribute to sad soil that relies on harmful chemical fertilizers in order to veggies to grow. By the time sweet potatoes make it to your grocery store, you don't know for how long they've been stored, what farm they're coming from, and how many hands they've been passed through on their way to you. There's nothing sweet about that!


Our Food Fix

These locally-sourced, organically-grown sweet potatoes are nourished in nutrient-rich soil that result in a rich, surprisingly sweet flavor that you'll start to crave. We are rejecting the status quo of bland, underwhelming veggies and are introducing the new star of your fall cooking this season.

Meet Your Farmer

Next Barn Over Farm

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I love having a one-stop shop though Local Roots! It makes grocery shopping so much easier and more pleasant!

Evan S.
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