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Organic Garlic 2 heads (Add-On)

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Organic, locally-grown garlic has firm, juicy bulbs and a pungent, deep flavor and aroma unlike the conventional garlic you find at the grocery store. These hardneck cultivars tend to have a more complex flavor profile, being richer, spicier, and generally more garlicky. They also tend to have plump cloves and thicker skins, which are easier to peel. 

  • Organic
  • Grown by Blooming Hill Farm, Monroe NY
  • 2 heads, 3-3.5 oz total
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The Problem

The majority of store-bought garlic is either grown and trucked in from California or imported all the way from China, where cheap labor is exploited to drive down the cost of the crop. The garlic is grown in poor soil that relies on harmful chemical fertilizers. In addition, most commercial growers prefer the softneck variety because it doesn’t produce the labour-intensive scape. These tend to be milder and more vegetative in their taste in comparison to hardnecks. 


Our Food Fix

Locally-sourced, organically-grown garlic is grown in nutrient-rich soil that then boosts the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. In addition to its medicinal properties, hardneck varieties of garlic are much more pungent, crisp, and flavorful. A little goes a long way!

Meet Your Farmer

Blooming Hill Farm

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