Zero Food Waste

  • Organic
  • $7 per delivery for Early Bird Winter orders 
  • 2lbs or bunches of an assortment of veggies delivered weekly

Every year in the United States, six billion pounds of perfectly good fruits and vegetables go to waste for aesthetic reasons due to being misshapen, bruised, or showing slight scarring. Though the media calls them “ugly produce”, we think of them as being naturally beautiful and still wonderful to eat. Help eliminate food waste and make the most out of the labor and resources our farmers put into their harvest.

This is a great option to grow your bounty, throw dinner parties for friends, or for juicing!

    1. Twisted Carrots
    2. Funny Shaped Sweet Potatoes
    3. Broken Mushrooms
    4. Baby Kale Stems
    5. and more
  • Variety of local farmers

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