Ramps a la carte

Ramps are hard to get your hands on. This wild plant is available for just a few weeks in the Spring and is usually entirely bought up by restaurants, but Local Roots NYC is making sure that home cooks can also enjoy this rare spring onion. Our ramps are sustainably harvested in Upstate NY. Quantities are limited so be sure to order yours before we sell out!

Non-members and members are welcome to order and pick up at one of our Local Roots markets. Each order is equal to 1/2lb. 

Ramps will be in season approximately mid May depending on seasonality. You must be able to pick up your ramps when they are ready - we'll let you know 1-2 weeks prior. 

About the farmer
Max's ramp fields are located in Upstate, NY. To be sustainable, he focuses on the fattest, oldest patches and does not harvest young ramps. Max farmer never decreases the overall yield year by year, meaning if his fields grow 10% every year, he only harvests 10% of the fields. Max is also expecting a kid early Summer 2019, so we want to give a big, happy CONGRATS!


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