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Turmeric Corn Tortillas (Add-On)

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Level up your tortilla game with these vibrant turmeric tortillas. Vermont Tortilla Company is a small producer of organic stone ground corn tortillas that are made using the ancient process of nixtamalization out of their factory in Shelburne, Vermont. Their clean label tortillas have just four ingredients: organic corn, slaked lime, water, and turmeric. 

      • Made by Vermont Tortilla Company using New York-grown corn
      • Organic, gluten-free, vegan
      • No preservatives
      • 10 6" tortillas per pack; frozen
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The Problem

Mass produced tortillas have been stripped of nutrients and made with cheap preservatives to help extend their shelf-life. It's made from genetically modified corn that's been sprayed with pesticides, putting farmworkers health at risk and damaging the environment.

Our Food Fix

We like our tortillas made the way they have for hundreds of years: nixtamalization. Nixtamalized corn is more nutritious, has less mycotoxins, and better flavor. The process converts bound niacin (vitamin B3) in the corn to free niacin that the body can absorb. We source our corn tortillas from Vermont Tortilla Company, who sources organic corn from New York to produce delicious and nutritious stone ground corn tortillas. 

Meet Your Baker

Vermont Tortilla Company

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