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The Basics Bundle (Add-On)

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Let The Basics Bundle be your culinary survival pack. We’re firm believers that all you need for a delicious dish is superior butter, eggs, and bread. These curated ingredients will be an upgrade from any you've had before, and you'll taste the difference in the first bite.

      • 8 oz Salted Butter

      • Full Dozen Eggs

      • Bien Cuit Sourdough Miche 

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The Problem

The average grocery store variety of dairy and eggs come from cows and chickens who are crowded in cages and feedlots, fed processed grains, and never see the light of day. There’s little transparency regarding where your milk and eggs are coming from, and often large companies will source from hundreds of different farms and put them under a single label. Words like cage-free and free-range are misleading. Most chickens have about one square foot of space to live. Speaking of misleading labels, mass produced bread is often stripped of nutrients and pumped with preservatives to extend its shelf life. A breakfast of conventional eggs, butter and bread lacks nutrients and taste.

Our Food Fix

Local farmers advocate and protect the hens and cows that produce our butter and eggs. These animals graze freely around grassland and pastures, foraging for their own food and snacking on earth’s treats like worms and bugs. You can taste it in the golden yolks of these hens. Plus, pasture raised cows spread manure which increases fertility of the soil, so by eating small batch butter, you’re helping the planet — for real! Small batch baking also has its benefits. At Bein Cuit, each loaf is folded and mixed by hand to ensure the fermentation is just right, leaving you with a perfectly balanced loaf each time. Whenever possible, they source from local farmers and grain producers, which means you know exactly where your bread comes from.

Meet Your Farmer

Ron and Rick Osofsky - Ronnybrook Farm
Zachary Golper - Bien Cuit NYC
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What Locals Are Saying...


The eggs are so good that they'll ruin your taste for other eggs. They scramble into a creamy breakfast that doesn't need any help from heaps of butter or milk. They radiate this shining golden glow from cracking throughout cooking that is so vibrant you're not sure if they're done or not. I never knew I could taste and crave and love a kind of egg so much.

Brittany B.
Local Roots member

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