• All Natural, cultivated in eco-friendly handmade barns or wild foraged
  • $11 per delivery for Early Bird Winter orders
  • Price listed is already pro-rated; you will not be charged for weeks you have missed in the season
  • 1/2 lb bag delivered twice a month

Once you taste these mushrooms, you'll know why some of the most prestigious restaurants in NYC also cook with these fungi! Rotating between king trumpet, crimini, golden oyster, maitake, lions mane, and pioppini, these mushrooms grown in PA by Jesse and Matt burst with flavor.

    1. Shiitake
    2. Crimini
    3. Golden Oysters
    4. Lions Mane
    5. Pioppino
  • "My husband absolutely loved the mushrooms and he has always hated the mushrooms he has tried in the past. We're very impressed!" - Upper West Side Member
  • Primordia Farm located in PA was founded by Matt and Jesse. On their first date, they went foraging for wild mushrooms and they eventually got married, have 2 kids, and hand built their mushroom barns with friends. The couple has been together for over 15 years and went foraging on their first date; they’ve got as much love for the mushrooms they cultivate as they have for each other – and that’s a whole lot of love! See photos of Primordia Farm here

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