• Handmade, antibiotic- and hormone-free, grass-fed cows, non-animal rennet used in cheese making
  • $11 per delivery for Early Bird Winter Season
  • 1 wedge delivered twice a month

Our cheese share is made from the milk of happy cows. Featured cheeses have been the winner of various national cheese competitions.

              1. Camembert
              2. Queso Fresco
              3. Farmers Cheese
              4. + More
            • Chaseholm Creamery, NY
              Chaseholm Farm is a small multi-generational, family farm in Pine Plains, NY that produces our Camembert. The Chase family began farming there in the 1930s. Today, siblings Sarah and Rory manage the farm; Sarah manages the dairy herd and grazing lands, while Rory turns that milk into delicious cheeses.

              Hawthorne Valley Farm, NY
              This diversified, 900-acre certified 650A Biodynamic® farm in upstate New York makes our delicious cheddar! This non profit educational farm is USDA certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved and is committed to social and cultural renewal through the integration of education, agriculture, and the arts. Acres of forests and fields support their diary herd by providing grass for their nourishment. In turn, the herd provides the ‘black gold’ (manure) for their compost which fertilizes and builds the health of the soil. As an added bonus, the herd produces roughly 1,000 pounds of milk a day on average which is sold in their general store and used to make cheese.



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