• Sustainably fished, diverse varieties to avoid over-fishing
  • Alternates between 2 packs of smoked fish or 2 lbs fresh fillets. Never made with preservatives.
  • $35 per delivery for Early Bird Winter orders
  • Delivered twice a month

Approximately 90% of the seafood we consume in America is imported from countries like China, Thailand, and Chile. Recent investigations have exposed human trafficking and slavery on Thai fishing boats. We've done a lot of research to find fishermen that you can trust are treating their staff well and not overfishing the waters.  

Locally caught fish makes it possible to prepare a healthy meal any day of the week! Our fish fillets are tender and fresh. We'll also offer you fish smoked right here in NYC; it's perfect on a sandwich, salad, or alone as a nutrient-packed snack. 

Sample Delivery: 2 x 1lb packs of monk fish OR 1 pack of smoked salmon and 1 pack of white fish salad

      1. Smoked Salmon
      2. White fish salad
      3. Smoked Trout
      4. White Fish Salad
      5. Monk Fish fillets
      6. Flounder fillets

      Greenpoint Fish

      Vinny grew up in the fishing industry as part of a 5 generation wholesale commercial fishing house in Boston. Transparency and sustainability are exceptionally important to their mission. Unlike many other seafood wholesalers, Greenpoint Fish is licensed by the federal government to offload boats directly. They report our catch to NOAA as the direct buyer from the fishermen, so there is really no ambiguity in where the fish is coming from. They have boats in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Greenpoint Fish is certified by Monterey bay, James beard, and conform to ocean wise, fish choice and fish watch ratings systems for sustainability. They were the first Monterey bay seafood partner in NYC dating back to 2013.


      Acme Smoked Fish, Greenpoint
      Acme fish began in 1905 when Harry brown stein emigrated from Russia and settled in Brooklyn. Over 100 years later, Acme Smoked Fish still produces some of the highest quality smoked seafood items. Based out of Greenpoint, they source only the finest fish available and never use artificial colors or flavors to mask defects. Fish is smoked one batch at a time using only natural smoke generated in the smokehouses from burning a blend of real fruit wood chips. Liquid smoke or other smoke flavors are never used.


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