Meat Classics

$21.85 / Distribution $27.99 / Distribution
  • Pasture Raised, no antibiotics or hormones, non-GMO feeds
  • 2lbs (2 packs) of heritage pork, grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken delivered weekly for 12 weeks

Sausages made from family recipes, ground beef, pork chops, chicken wings and more. Our meat comes from a family farm, operated by Nolan and his mom, where animals run free on pasture in the woodlands of PA.

Grass Fed beef is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 + Beta Carotene and has lower cholesterol than grain-fed grass finished beef and grain-fed beef (but who even eats that, anymore?). Due to its higher moisture content, grass fed beef is leaner and juicier. There is also evidence showing that because grass-fed beef roam around on pasture, they actually help stimulate the regrowth of topsoil at rapid rates as the cattle are grazing. This means reduced erosion, droughts, and water runoff. 

Heritage pork is more delicious than the traditional breeds which are fed soy and corn to get fat. Instead of growing quickly, heritage breeds are given more time to develop which leads to a more complex and robust flavor. 

Summer Sample Delivery: 1 pack ground beef, 1 chicken legs
Summer Sample Delivery: 1 pack beef fajita stripes, 1 pack sweet Italian sausage 

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