Vegetarian Bundle

  • This bundle includes Organic Veggies, Salad Mix and Meat Alternative
  • $29.54 on average per delivery for Early Bird Winter orders 
  • Price listed is already pro-rated; you will not be charged for weeks you have missed in the season
  • 5 organic veggies weekly, 1/2 lb salad mix twice a month, and 1 type of meat alternative twice a month

5% savings on each item with this bundle!
Avoid decision fatigue at the store and simply pick up your Vegetarian Bundle to cook a complete farm-to-table meal every night of the week. You’ll receive a variety of seasonal vegetables, crispy salad mix, and delicious meat alternatives such as tempeh, tofu, and vegan hot dogs.

Sample Delivery: 1 bunch kale, 1 acorn squash, 1lb watermelon radish, 1lb potatoes, 1 bunch komatsuna, 1/2lb salad mix, 1 pack tempeh

    1. Baby Kale
    2. Collard Greens
    3. Radishes
    4. Lettuce
    5. Salad Mix
    6. Tempeh
    7. Tofu
    8. Vegan Hot Dogs
    9. and more
  • Variety of local farmers

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