Mushroom Starter Kit

  • All natural, cultivated in eco-friendly handmade barns or wild foraged
  • 1/2 lb mushrooms delivered for 1 week, variety pre-selected by Local Roots 

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Bursting with umami flavor, these mushrooms are grown with love by couple Jessie and Matt in Pennsylvania. They have a small yet incredibly efficient growing system which means they can monitor their fungi closely. Additionally, they harvest their mushrooms 365 days a year, harvesting at the exact moment the mushroom is at its prime. This leads to a perfect texture and flavor. It's even won over the hearts of those that claim "I'm not a mushroom person" or "mushroom textures weird me out".

Some of the most prestigious restaurants in NYC also cook with these fungi so you'll definitely want them on your table. Get your mushroom addiction started here and try it out for a week, then opt to subscribe for the season!

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