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The Staples Bundle (Add-On)

per weekly harvest

There are a few foundational ingredients a cook should never be without: garlic, onions, and greens — the base to any delicious meal. Our locally sourced produce packs more flavor than grocery store varieties ever could, making fancy spices and excessive seasoning unnecessary.

      • 2 heads Organic Garlic ( 3-3.5 oz total)

      • 1 lb Organic Yellow Onions

      • ¼ lb Salad Mix

      • Your item will be ready the week after your order is placed. If you are a Local Roots member, this item will be included in next week’s regular weekly harvest. Of course, the exact day will depend on your regular Local Roots market or delivery day. You will also receive a confirmation email specifying the date of pickup or delivery after purchase.

The Problem

The majority of store-bought onions and garlic are grown and shipped from the West Coast, thousands of miles away, where conventional farming methods and extensive transit take a toll on both their flavor and nutrients. Both onions and garlic tend to be grown in poor soil that relies on harmful chemical fertilizers. Similarly, conventional salad mixes are shipped in from across the country to then sit on grocery store shelves for weeks, wilting and losing flavor and nutrients.

Our Food Fix

Locally-sourced, organically-grown garlic and onions are grown in nutrient-rich soil that then boosts the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial and produce flavorful juicy varieties you’re unable to find at the grocery store. Our salad greens are a mix of fresh, local varieties of lettuce which make for spicy, sweet and bitter salad that’s so packed with flavor, you won’t even need dressing!

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The veggies were delicious and SOO beautiful! Thank you so much!!

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