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Thanksgiving Butter (Add-On)

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Cows graze on fresh pasture to produce the 100% grass-fed milk that makes this small batch butter decadently smooth and unbelievably creamy. Due to higher operational costs, we have made slight price increases to this product.

  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised cows
  • Made in small batches
  • 1 8oz container
  • Your item will be ready for pick up or delivery on November 24th. Please note that only select market locations are available the week of Thanksgiving.

The Problem

The modern world of dairy farming has traded green pastures and grazing cows for crowded feedlots and grain-based feeds. A combination of increased grain prices and a domination of the industry by large corporations makes it extremely difficult for small farmers to be profitable. Large companies source milk from hundreds of different farms; once mixed in tanks and packaged under a single label name, who’s to know where in the country that milk came from and what practices those farmers used?

Our Food Fix

Be an advocate for local farmers when you eat butter that’s sourced from small family farms. Your butter also fights climate change. No, really. Pastured cows graze on grassland to spread manure, which increases fertility of the soil, causing more plant growth. This gives plants longer roots so they’re able to store larger amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. Sequestered carbon is kept safely in the soil carbon pool underground. Is all this science making anyone else hungry?

Meet Your Farmer

Ron and Rick Osofsky - Ronnybrook Farm

What Locals Are Saying...


Growing up in Upstate NY, I’ve always lived sustainably but it was hard to find ways to do that in NYC until I started getting my food through Local Roots NYC. With my busy schedule, I didn’t have time to do all the research for products that aligned with my values, but I trust the farmers and brands Local Roots works with.

Ashley M.
Local Roots member

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