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Thanksgiving Brioche Dinner Rolls (Add-On)

Brioche rolls aren't your average dinner sidekick – they're enriched butter and eggs in a labor-intensive process that makes them moist, pillowy, and golden. They'll make your meal a memorable dining experience so you can bring restaurant-quality rolls right to your dinner table.

      • 1 pack of 12 buns
      • Made by hand
      • Ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, 
      • No preservatives 
      • Your item will be ready for pick up or delivery on November 24th. Please note that only select market locations are available the week of Thanksgiving.

The Problem

Mass produced bread has been stripped of nutrients, full of sugar and made with preservatives to help extend the shelf-life. It's made from wheat that's been sprayed with chemicals, putting farmworkers health at risk and damaging the environment.


Our Food Fix

We source our bread from artisanal bakers like the O.G. Eli Zabar, who has been operating his institution for over 30 years in NYC. Eli opened up his first storefront in the 1970s long before anyone knew about artisanal baking. He sources his ingredients from local farms in upstate NY and still makes everything by hand. 

Meet Your Baker

Eli Zabar - Eli's

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