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Thanksgiving Salad Mix (Add-On)

Compliment your Thanksgiving feast with salad greens like you've never tasted before. Spicy, sweet, and bitter lettuces make a mix you can't resist — so flavorful, no dressing is needed!

What you get every week:

  • 1/4 lb all natural salad mix
  • Grown on a rooftop farm in Brooklyn
  • Your item will be ready for pick up or delivery on November 24th. Please note that only select market locations are available the week of Thanksgiving.

Seasonal Produce

  • baby arugula
  • baby pac choi
  • baby red romaine
  • baby ruby streaks
  • baby watercress

Meet Your Farmers

Gareth Stacke - Brooklyn Grange

What Locals Are Saying...


This has completely changed my life.

Local Roots member

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