Etsy HQ

Market Day: Tuesdays, 3-4pm

Site Leader: Nick

Vibe Check

There are few things Etsy loves more than supporting small businesses, it’s employees, and local food. That’s why we’ve loved bringing flavorful, local ingredients to the Etsy crew for the past two years, and have found a happy home in their bright, spacious dining area.

Markets with Benefits

If we brought the farm any closer to you, you’d be in the fields. Pick up your produce on your 3 o’clock coffee break and cross grocery shopping off your to-do list while you’re at it. The Etsy team is all about getting hands-on with their favorite ingredients: they host monthly cooking classes for employees and engage their team with recipe ideas and cooking tips that are posted on the Etsy CSA Slack channel.

More to Love

We want everyone at Etsy to have access to super fresh food, which is why we’re working on building Local Roots subscriptions into the on-boarding process for their team. Who wouldn’t want flavorful ingredients as a perk at work? Stay tuned to see more ways we collaborate with the Etsy crew to make seasonal produce part of their office community.