Curious about your ingredients? Here are the most frequently asked food questions.

Can I change my pick up location?

Oh yeah. We know things get crazy, especially for New Yorkers. Any time you want to switch to a different pick up location or opt for home delivery, just let us know by filling out this form by Friday at 2pm prior to the week you want the change to take place.

What happens if I need to skip a week?

We’ve got you covered.Click on the button “Pause Your Subscription” and fill out the form. You must submit your completed form by 12 pm on the Friday before your skip week. Requests submitted after will not be processed. You’ll be asked to choose to receive store credit or donate your food. If you opt for store credit, you’ll get a discount code within 2-3 weeks. Please note that you will be charged a $5 processing fee. Note: Requests made before the season starts are free of charge.

If I place my order now, when will I get my ingredients?

Any orders placed between now and Friday at 2pm will be included in your harvest the following week. To confirm the week when your treats will arrive, take a look at the top of the Subscriptions page at the banner that details your week of delivery. Confirmation emails also include your pick up or delivery details.

Does my subscription automatically rollover to the next season?

You subscribe for each season and your subscription does not automatically roll over. So if you loved your weekly fall harvests and you’d like to sign up again for the winter season, visit the shop section of our website, select the Subscriptions and Add-Ons you’d like and check out.

Can I change my pickup location?

Sure thing. You can change market locations mid-season by filling out this form. Please note that your request must be submitted at least one full week in advance of your current pick up day.

Are all your vegetables certified organic?

Yes, all the veggies we offer are grown on Certified Organic farms. All of your ingredients are sourced from hyper local farms that practice the highest standards of sustainability, including the use of composting, integrated pest management, and cover-cropping. Farmers use sustainable practices that go beyond the guidelines of organic certification.

Are all your fruits certified organic?

No, not all of our fruits are certified organic — but for good reason. This local climate makes it extremely challenging for farmers to uphold organic certification while maintaining their livelihoods. Just because a small farmer doesn't have the capability to pay the fees and go through the paperwork of gaining organic certification doesn't mean that they are not using more thoughtful growing methods. Our partner fruit farmers use Integrated Pest Management, which is a sustainable practice in which they prioritize ecosystem-based strategies that prevent pests through techniques that support the health of the soil and the plants they grow. For example, ladybugs might be brought onto the farm to help eat any aphids that are nibbling at the fruit's leaves.

I missed my pickup! Can I pick up my harvest another day?

Due to the pop-up nature of our markets, we're not able to hold or redistribute any items that aren't picked up during designated market hours. If you know in advance that you won't be able to make it to your market, you're always welcome to Pause Your Order at least a week in advance to receive store credit (or donate your share). You can also have a friend or family member come grab your ingredients for you if you're not able to make it to your market site.

It’s my first market pickup (woohoo!). What do I do?

1) Your food is packed and transported with minimal packaging, so remember to BYOB (bring your own bag).
2) Double-check your location and be on time. Market days and times vary for each location so check your details, and if you can’t make it — get old school and ask a friend!
3) When you arrive, say hi to your friendly market leader! They’re there to help if you have any questions.
4) Hand over your reusable bag and your Market Leader will fill it with all the flavorful harvests of the week. 5) Don’t forget to take a recipe or two, and share your #madewithlocalroots creations.


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