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Bee Pollen (Add-On)

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With apiaries on apple orchards, onion blossom fields, pumpkin patches, and wild flower fields, no two jars of our honey are alike. 

Stated as the most nutritious food we can eat by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, bee pollen contains almost all the nutrients needed for the human body to function: vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein. It’s said to boost energy, improve your immune system, extend life span, fights allergies and possibly even cancer, and relieves digestive disorders. Bee pollen can also help with weight loss. 

Bee pollen can absorb industrial pollution so it's important to know where it comes from and how it was harvested. Your Local Roots bee pollen comes from apiaries located at Upstate NY, natural farms. The impact of bee pollen is the most effective when eating foods grown in the same region; even more reason to get your veggies local.

Take one to three tablespoons of bee pollen daily and try it in smoothies and shakes, sprinkle on yogurt or applesauce or in granola. Experts say to skip pollen if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or if you’re allergic to bees.

  • No antibiotics or chemicals
  • Unfiltered
  • All natural
  • 1 8oz jar
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The Problem

First, the not-so-sweet news: the decline of powerhouse pollinators like bees leads to increased costs and reduced yields for farmers. That’s because up to 80% of US crops are dependent on honey bee pollination for reproduction. As more land is converted to industrial agriculture, wild bees lose their homes and are sickened by pesticides that are sprayed on crops and reach bees unintentionally.

Our Food Fix

The spoonful of honey in your tea or breakfast bowl has a serious impact. Made by bees pollinating plants in upstate NY, this raw honey helps nourish the local ecosystem. When bees contribute to the pollination of fruits and veggies, yields of these plants are estimated to grow by 70%. More pollinators means more produce. So go ahead and add something sweet to your day; your jar of honey has long lasting impacts on the fields and farmers around you.

Meet Your Farmer

Andrzej Kurosz - Sweet Things & Wild Thyme

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