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Corn Meal (Add-On)

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Stone ground in their Micro-Mill using Hudson Valley organic corn. A fine grind bursting with fresh corn flavor that’s perfect for corn muffins, cornbread, spoonbread, jonnycakes, hushpuppies, or corn fritters. Can also be used for tortillas, pancakes, arapas, and other delicious quickbreads and cakes. Corn meal is ground fresh so you get optimal germ and the full nutritional value and flavor from the whole grain.

      • Non-gmo 
      • Stone ground
      • 1.5lb

The Problem

Most grains in the US lack real nutrition because it's been so refined and sits on a shelf for years. 

Our Food Fix

This corn meal is made with non-gmo organic corn the way it used to be done; freshly ground. They've been perfecting the process for 2 generations so you can trust that it's the real deal.

Meet Your Farmer

Wild Hive Farm, NY

What Locals Are Saying...


Local Roots meat is handled with care and you can taste it. There are no preservatives, nitrates or funky chemicals. It's super fresh.

Jenn de la Vega.
Chef & Cookbook author

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