Essentials Bundle Starter Kit

  • 5 types of organic veggies, varieties pre-selected by Local Roots 
  • 1 dozen eggs (pasture-raised and antibiotic-free)
  • 2 pints/lbs of fruit 
  • 2 packs of meat pasture-raised and antibiotic-free)
  • Ideal for households of 3+ or people who cook 5+ meals 

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Avoid decision fatigue at the store and simply pick up your Essentials Bundle to cook a complete farm-to-table meal. This is all you need for the week! You’ll receive a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruit, beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, as well as golden-yolked eggs.

      1. Mustard Greens
      2. Komatsuna
      3. Shishito Peppers
      4. Cucumbers
      5. Clementine tomatoes
      6. Sugar snap peas
      7. Edamame
      8. Mixed Kale
      9. and more!
      1. 1 bunch komatsuna, 1lb rainbow carrots, 1/2 lb sugar snap peas, 1lb Summer Squash, 1lb sweet potatoes, 1 dozen eggs, 2 pints blueberries, 1 pack of steak, 1 pack of short ribs
      2. 1 bunch spinach, 1lb tomatillos, 1 bunch Swiss chard, 1 bunch carrots, 1/2 lb green beans, 1 dozen eggs, 2lb nectarines, 1 packs spare ribs, 1 pack NY Strip steak

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