Fish Starter Kit

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  • Sustainably fished, diverse varieties to avoid over-fishing
  • 2 lbs fresh fillets

Approximately 90% of the seafood we consume in America is imported from countries like China, Thailand, and Chile. Recent investigations have exposed human trafficking and slavery on Thai fishing boats. The attorney general's office found that just two out of 16 total samples it took of fish were accurately labeled as the correct breed, labeling halibut as cod or farm raised as wild caught.

Greenpoint Fish is a small-scale, Brooklyn based fishmonger working with sustainably-minded captains to bring New Yorkers the freshest, most ethically sourced fish this side of the Hudson. You'll be informed not only of the type of fish but also the location of the fishery where it was caught.

Locally caught fish makes it possible to prepare a healthy meal any day of the week! Our fish fillets are tender and fresh.

Sample Delivery: 2 x 1lb packs of monk fish

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Delicious, farm-fresh harvests are closer than you think.