• Integrated Pest Management
  • $10 per delivery for Early Bird Winter orders
  • Price listed is already pro-rated; you will not be charged for weeks you have missed in the season
  • approx. 3 lbs of fruit delivered twice a month

The average supermarket apple is 12 months old, imported from the West Coast, and lacks flavor and nutrients. You deserve better than that! Our fruit comes fresh from a nearby farm and bursts with flavor and nutrition. Taste the abundance of fruit that grows in our local orchards and groves.Get introduced to apple varieties you won't find at the store like winesap, macoun, and mutus apples along with childhood favorites like empire and red delicious. You might even be lucky enough to get *quince* this Winter, our founder's favorite fruit! It's a rare gem that has a floral, sweet and sour flavor that is commonly cooked intoQuince Paste found on cheese plates. 

Sample Delivery: 3lbs of Winesap apples

    1. Winter: apples, quince
  • Wilklow Orchards, NY

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