2-Week Fruit Starter Kit

  • Integrated Pest Management
  • 2 pints of berries or 2lbs of stonefruit (peaches/nectarines)
  • This Summer this item will feature 2 pints of fruit delivered as part of your two-week Starter Kit

Get in the swing of seasonal eating with a 2-week Starter Kit! The average supermarket apple is 12 months old, imported from the West Coast, and lacks flavor and nutrients. You deserve better than that! Our fruit comes fresh from a nearby farm and bursts with flavor and nutrition. They've been farming for 6 generations on the same land, which means they've had time to cultivate a robust flavor specific to their region. Taste the abundance of fruit that grows in our local orchards and groves.  

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Delicious, farm-fresh harvests are closer than you think.