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Koginut Squash, 2 each (Add-On)

The Robin’s Koginut squash is a hybrid that blends the smooth, even texture of Japanese kabocha squash with the rich flavor of butternut squash. It was developed by Row 7, a seed company co-founded by chef Dan Barber that selectively breeds vegetables to prioritize flavor along with yield, storability, and disease resistance – making them easier to grow organically. The Koginut first made its debut in 2018 when Row 7 partnered with Sweetgreen to unveil the designer squash on its menu. Now, the squash is grown by farmers and home gardeners across the US as a delicious fall squash.

    • 2 squash, 1.5-2.5lb each
    • Organic
    • Grown by Five College Farms, MA
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