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Leaf Lard 8oz (Add-On)

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The word “lard” probably strikes fear into the hearts of health-conscientious eaters. But not all lard is created equal. High quality lard is a perfectly natural and healthful (gasp) monounsaturated form of fat. Lard is actually full of fat soluble vitamin D when it comes from heritage breed pigs raised outdoors in plenty of sunshine. That hydrogenated lard you see in the supermarket? Not the same thing. 

Lard is the secret to extra flaky biscuits and pastry dough. Their fat crystals are larger than those in butter, which means there is more empty space left behind when the fat renders out -- more space  = more layers and flakes. 

  • 8oz container
  • From pasture-raised, heritage breed pigs raised without GMO's, antibiotics or hormones
  • Non-GMO feed
  • Stryker Farm, PA
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The Problem

One indicator of the shady nature of the pork industry is the difficulty for consumers to find out just exactly how their sausage was made. In large part, this is a result of “Ag Gag” laws: laws that prevent film or photography inside factory farms without the owner’s consent. This lack of accountability among conventional farmers has huge negative impacts on marketplace transparency, environmental protection, food safety, and animal welfare.

Our Food Fix

You can take a stand for transparency in your food system with every bite of Local Roots pork. When we visit our pig farmer in the Poconos, our team spends most of the day wandering the woodlands, trying to find the pigs as they forage and roam freely. Farmer Nolan (and his mom) raise heritage breeds that have keen survival instincts, making them more adaptable to outdoor living — there’s nothing to hide here.

Meet Your Farmer

Nolan Thevenet - Stryker Farm

What Locals Are Saying...


"Local Roots meat is handled with care and you can taste it. From the maple sausage to the pork chops and belly, there are no preservatives, nitrates or funky chemicals. It's super fresh. The meat share is the perfect portion size for me and it doesn't feel like too much." 

Jenn de la Vega
Chef and Cookbook author


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