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Local Roots Chicken Broth 24 oz (Add-On)

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This flavorful chicken broth is made by Yellow Bell Farm using their pasture-raised chicken bones. Bone broth is great for maintaining your gut health and aids in digestion. It's rich in minerals that help build and strengthen your bones, too! Sip it by itself or add it to any recipe calling for broth!

      • Small batch, handmade
      • Made from pasture-raised chickens in Hudson Valley, NY
      • Antibiotic and hormone free
      • No artificial flavors or preservatives
      • 24 fl oz bag, frozen
      • Ingredients:  Chicken bones, water, sea salt
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The Problem

Virtually all store-bought broths use added flavorings. The worst brands use MSG and chemical flavorings such as lab-made "natural flavors." Even organic brands use flavorings like yeast extract. They're almost always too high in sodium, making them more unhealthy than they need to be! 


Our Food Fix

We've partnered with Yellow Bell Farm to bring you Hudson Valley's finest pasture-raised chicken bone broth. It's boiled for over 10 hours to extract the most flavor and nutrients as possible, with just three ingredients: chicken bones, water, and sea salt!


Meet Your Maker

Katie Bogdanffy - Yellow Bell Farm

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