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Bien Cuit Multigrain Sourdough (Add-On)

Cracked rye, cracked oat, spelt, and sunflower are fermented together for complex grain flavor and unique texture. A tighter crumb makes this a perfect sandwich bread.

Shelf Life: Up to 7 days, depending on when the loaf is cut open. To extend the shelf life, store in an airtight plastic bag in a cool, dry place. Make sure to cover the open face of the bread, by wrapping or place facedown on a flat surface. Do not slice, for extended shelf life.

      • Hearth oven-baked and hand-shaped in small batches by Bien Cuit in Brooklyn, NY
      • Ingredients: Wheat, rye, yeast, salt, water, malt powder, spelt, oats, sunflower seeds
      • Now twice the size! 2.65 lb loaf
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The Problem

Mass produced bread has been stripped of nutrients to help extend the shelf-life. It's made from wheat that's been sprayed with chemicals, putting farmworkers health at risk and damaging the environment.

Our Food Fix

We source our bread from local, artisanal bakers like Bien Cuit, whose method of small batch mixing ensures their bakers have the ability to give each loaf the same level of attention that a baker would have hundreds of years ago, when mixing was done entirely by hand. They pair this technique with slow fermentation, which requires 16 to 68 hours for each loaf.  More control over gluten and fermentation ensures they can balance acidity and maximize the taste and texture of every loaf.

Meet Your Baker

Zachary Golper - Bien Cuit

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