Navel Oranges -- a la carte

  • Harvested by hand at peak flavor
  • Direct from the farm 
  • 4lb bag, approx 7-8 oranges per bag
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  • Limited supplies

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Back by popular demand!!! Our Louisiana Navel Oranges sold out last year and when you bite into this ball of sunshine, you'll know why. Navels are a seedless orange variety with an easy to peel skin and a flesh bursting with citrus flavor. Biting in to a navel orange is like a staycation for your mouth. 

This family-owned citrus farm is located in the heart of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. The Becnel family has farmed in this region for decades and Farmer Thomas is the 6th generation. Once known for having ideal growing conditions for citrus, many farms have been closing due to the climate changing. This family farm is one of the last of a Louisiana citrus legacy. Unlike the citrus you get at the store, this comes directly from a small family farm and is only in season one time a year.

Our operations manager helped sell this citrus to some of the top restaurants in New Orleans like Herbsaint and Dante's Kitchen when he lived down South and was blown away with the flavor and passion Farmer Thomas has for citrus growing. T
he original seeds on this farm came from the Canary Islands in the mid 19th centruy. It’s been said that Louisiana citrus is sweeter than that grown in FL, Texas, and CA. 

We're very honored and excited to bring New Yorkers citrus that's harvested by Farmer Thomas for pure flavor perfection. Because it is so rare to find citrus in New York straight from the farm, we suggest you stock up. 

Get $1 off per bag when you buy 3 bags. Want to stock up (yeah, it's that good). Order a 40lb case for just $120. Select delivery at checkout if you would like it sent direct to your door! Your citrus should last about 1 month in the fridge. 

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