🥕🍓🥒 Spring orders placed today are available the week of April 19th. 🥕🍓🥒

Pre-Order Ramps 2 Bunches (Add-On)

Get your hands on these rare culinary gems, with a uniquely sweet and oniony flavor that will bring your home cooking to the Next Level. Pre-order now and reserve your taste of the first forage of the spring season — ramps are available only once a year!

    • Foraged in the wild
    • Sustainably harvested by hand, with the root and hairs intact! 50-65% of ramps remain un-foraged to allow the crop to regenerate the next year.
    • 2 bunches of ramps (1/2 lb total)
    • Orders placed now will be available for pickup or delivery at the end of April or in the first weeks of May; the exact date will be dependent on the foraging timeline of our farm partners

Spring Season

  • ramps!

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