Thanksgiving Bundle

  • Organic vegetables
  • All-natural turkey
  • Fresh fruit
  • Farm pressed cider

So you're hosting Thanksgiving and stressed about buying ingredients, cooking, finding enough chairs, making your apartment look nice.....we got you!! Purchase this bundle and take one huge task off your holiday to-do list. 

Save $10 by purchasing this bundle. Please remember that you will still need to pay the remaining turkey balance upon pick up. Select turkey size.

Organic Vegetables:
Sweet Potatoes (2lbs)
Potatoes (2lbs)
Onions (2lbs)
Garlic (2 heads)
Herbs (1 bunch)
Celery or celeriac (1 head/1lb)
Butternut Squash (1 piece)
Carrots (2lbs)
Cauliflower or Broccoli (1 lb)
Brussels Sprouts (1lb)
Kale (1 bunch)

All-Natural Turkey:
No antibiotics or hormones are used to raise these turkeys. Birds roam free in the pastures of upstate NY.

Fresh Fruit:
3 lbs of mixed apples

Farm Pressed Cider:
1/2 gallon


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