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Thanksgiving Half & Half (Add-On)

Make the milk awarded Best in NY State a staple on your grocery list — free of growth hormones and full of flavor. The unbelievably creamy, rich taste is a result of this milk going from the cows to your carton in less than eight hours. 

  • 1/2 gallon
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Your item will be ready for pick up or delivery on November 24th. Please note that only select market locations are available the week of Thanksgiving.

The Problem

In 1950, the US had over 3.5 million dairy farms; now there are closer to 40,000, with this number continuing to decline as the size of farms only grows (modern dairy farms have thousands of cows). A handful of corporations dominate the industry and source milk from hundreds of different farms. Once mixed in tanks and packaged under a single label name, who’s to know where in the country that milk came from and what practices those farmers used?

Our Food Fix

Cookies are great, but Milk & Traceability are the real dynamic duo. Be an advocate for small, local farmers when you opt for milk sourced from a single family farm. The processing of this milk is so transparent, it makes its way from udder to bottle in less than eight hours. When evaluated by Cornell University for flavor, butterfat, protein content, and bacteria counts, this milk was awarded Highest Quality Milk in New York State.

Meet Your Farmer

Seth McEachron - Battenkill Valley Creamery

What Locals Are Saying...


I love that you’re able to fully customize your order not only to meet your family size, but to make sure you get the most delicious and diverse produce, meat, eggs, milk and more from responsible, local farmers and producers you can trust. 

— Gail Simmons, Culinary Expert and Top Chef Judge

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