Thanksgiving Vegetables

  • USDA organic 
  • Perfectly curated for Thanksgiving sides
  • Recipe included!

Gone are the days of scouring recipes to find out how many sweet potatoes you need and then competing for the last sort-of-okay looking vegetable left on the shelf at the supermarket. Let Local Roots NYC be your personal shopper! 

We've worked with chefs to curate the perfect grocery list this Thanksgiving. Your vegetables are grown in dirt that's free of pesticides and harvested by hard-working family farms in our region. 

This Thanksgiving, you'll receive the following items. They are subject to slight change based on seasonality but we'll be sure to make sure to replace with vegetable just as delicious. We can't wait for maple roasted butternut squash, creamy mashed potatoes, sweet potato everything....!!!

Sweet Potatoes (2lbs)
Potatoes (2lbs)
Onions (2lbs)
Garlic (2 heads)
Herbs (1 bunch)
Celery or celeriac (1 head/1lb)
Butternut Squash (1 piece)
Carrots (2lbs)
Cauliflower or Broccoli (1 lb)
Brussels Sprouts (2lb)
Kale (1 bunch)

"All the vegetables could be relied upon to be delicious. My very picky 89 year old aunt loved her perfectly sized yam!"
- Local Roots NYer


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