Thanksgiving Vegetarian Essentials Bundle

  • Organic vegetables
  • All-natural mushrooms
  • Fresh fruit
  • All-natural salad mix
  • Handmade pie
  • Farm pressed cider
  • Recipe card included
  • Complimentary all-natural pasture raised eggs + price discount when you purchase this bundle

Make veggies the main focus and make it EXCITING! Our veggies and mushrooms are so tasty they will happily feed even your meat-loving friends.  Purchase this bundle and take one huge task off your holiday to-do list!

Organic Vegetables:
Sweet Potatoes (2lbs)
Potatoes (2lbs)
Onions (2lbs)
Garlic (2 heads)
Herbs (1 bunch)
Celery or celeriac (1 head/1lb)
Butternut Squash (1 piece)
Carrots (2lbs)
Cauliflower or Broccoli (1 lb)
Brussels Sprouts (1lb)
Kale (1 bunch)

All-Natural Mushrooms:
Bursting with umami flavor, you'll get 1lb cremini and 1lb hen of the woods mushrooms grown by Farmer Matt in a barn he built by hand with up-cycled materials. 

Fresh Fruit:
3 lbs of mixed apples, 1lb cranberries 

All-Natural Salad Mix
1/2lb of crispy, refreshing, peppery salad greens

Handmade Pie
Choose between smoked caramel apple or sweet potato miso drizzle pie made by hand using Local Roots produce

Farm Pressed Cider:
1 gallon

Photo courtesy Food 52 

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