• USDA Organic
  • $15 per week for the entire season
  • 3 types of vegetables 
  • Distributed weekly

This share offer 3 different varieties of our standard vegetables each week. This is a great option for anyone who may not have time to cook often, who are new to cooking at home, or who want to add on extra vegetables to their order.

This differs from our main vegetable share as it includes fewer types of vegetables each week and won't include heirloom or unique varieties.

        1. Asparagus
        2. Potatoes
        3. Radishes
        4. Baby Kale
        5. and more!
    • Taproot Farm, PA
      Farmer, George Brittenburg, began Taproot Farm with his family in 2009. His love of gardening combined with years of experience on organic farms, both rural and urban, inform his farming sensibilities. Along with his wife Ola and their two daughters, the family lives across the street from their beautiful farm that grows your vegetables.


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