Thanksgiving Turkey


  • Pasture Raised, No hormones or antibiotics. Foraging bugs and natural food in addition to corn and wheat, milk and vitamins, no sprays on feed
  • $6.95/lb
  • 1 whole turkey delivered fresh, uncooked with giblets and neck inside (great for broth!)

Most people have to wait in line for hours to buy their turkeys but you're smarter than that which is why you've opted for an all-natural bird from Local Roots NYC. These legendary birds are raised by a small family farm that's been in business since 1942 and are among the best: extraordinarily juicy, succulent and flavorful. They enjoy a natural diet and roam freely in Upstate NY green pastures. Carmella Quattrociocchi ran the farm with her mother and now her grandchildren are helping her care for the turkeys.

Your Thanksgiving bird is ready for you to pick up at one of our markets or can be delivered - stop competing at the super market for the last bird and definitely stop waiting in line! Quantities are limited so preorder yours today!  

A dirty Thanksgiving secret: turkeys that have been previously frozen then thawed for the store do not have to be labeled as "previously frozen". When temperatures get too chilly, ice pokes holes in the cell membranes of the turkey. Thanksgiving turkeys at the supermarket could be 6 months old! But don't you worry about a thing. Local Roots turkeys are fresh, never frozen leading to a more tender and flavorful bird.

“Truly the best, freshest thanksgiving turkey we’ve ever bought. We were always surprised in the past that even farmers-market birds had been previously frozen . This bird was the best, and tastiest, ever. Will be ordering (and ordering early) every year.”
​- E. Shea, Downtown Brooklyn Local Roots NYer

Ordering Tip
We suggest approx 1.25lbs per person. 
Please remember we can not guarantee an exact weight. We will try to match your weight selection as close as possible. It might be over the weight preferred. 

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