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Thanksgiving Turkey (Add-On)

These legendary birds are pasture-raised and grow up foraging in the field. Now that’s what we call living your best life. Pay a $40 deposit when you buy, then we’ll send you an invoice for the remainder of the fee based on the final weight of your turkey. 

  • $6.99/lb
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Pasture-raised with additional feed of local non-GMO corn and roasted soybeans
  • 1 whole turkey delivered fresh, giblets and neck inside (let’s make gravy!)
  • Deposits are nonrefundable. 
  • Your item will be ready for pick up or delivery on November 24th. Separate invoices will be sent via email to complete the payment of your bird.

The Problem

A dirty Thanksgiving secret: turkeys that have been previously frozen then thawed for the store do not have to be labeled as "previously frozen". When temperatures get too chilly, ice pokes holes in the cell membranes of the turkey. Thanksgiving turkeys at the supermarket could be 6 months old!

Our Food Fix

We partner with thoughtful farmers who raise their turkeys for maximum flavor. Being pasture-raised means turkeys actually spend time outside (crazy!) where the majority of their food comes from the bugs and grass they freely forage. This natural diet leads to a healthy lifestyle so that antibiotics and hormones are never part of the process. All of this results in a tender and juicy centerpiece for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Meet Your Farmer

Oink & Gobble Farm

What Locals Are Saying...


"Truly the best, freshest thanksgiving turkey we’ve ever bought. We were always surprised in the past that even farmers-market birds had been previously frozen . This bird was the best, and tastiest, ever. Will be ordering (and ordering early) every year.”

E. Shea
Local Roots member

Give Your Harvest a Boost!

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