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Umami Shiso Fine Mustard (Add-On)

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Say it out loud and it's pretty funny: "umami shiso fine". Japanese flavors made in a classic Bavarian style: whole-grain, fiber-rich, with a little sweetness and a mild heat. We take mustard seeds and "pickle" them in a brine of rice vinegar, green tea, fresh shiso leaf, fresh garlic and ginger, fish sauce and Korean red chile flake. We love it with pork and pastrami. Pairs well with sharp or bloomy cheeses.

*This is the very last batch of Umami Shiso Fine Mustard, possibly EVER!*

All natural, delicious condiments with just a few exceptional ingredients made by a badass woman that started making jam in Brooklyn when the words "artisanal" and "small batch" weren't even trending. We're proud to be friends with Laena of Anarchy in a Jar for 9 years and have always believed in her products; her condiments have also been recommended by the NY Times, Edible Brooklyn, and The Wall Street Journal.

    • Vegan, unprocessed
    • Ingredients: Brown and yellow mustard seeds, organic apple cider vinegar,  mustard powder, organic sugar, matcha powder, shiso leaf, ginger, garlic, chili, spices
    • 8 oz jar
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The Problem

Coloring agents, preservatives, and acidifiers – most store-bought mustards just don't cut it for us. How can a sandwich feel like simple, pure joy if we're paranoid about where the ingredients are sourced from? Most condiment companies work with large co-packers who mostly hire low wage and undocumented workers. 

Our Food Fix

Anarchy In a Jar believes in eating whole plant-based, natural, unprocessed food that tastes awesome. They've been making jams and mustards for over 9 years and have perfected the craft, using real ingredients sourced from incredible farmers that grow responsibly. At Anarchy in a Jar, their packers are paid living wages with benefits.

Meet Your Maker

Laena - Anarchy in a Jar

What Locals Are Saying...


I love that Local Roots is a one-stop shop for local food.Being able to add-on  items to my subscription is so convenient! 

Cathy M.
Greenpoint Resident

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