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  • USDA Organic
  • 5 types of vegetables

Try our vegetables before subscribing for the season! Once you bite into our veggies, you’ll know what real food tastes like. Our farmers harvest vegetables based on seasonality to make sure you get food at its peak flavor and nutrition. They do not use harmful pesticides and pay close attention to their crops so they can use natural growing methods. With over 600 New Yorkers subscribed to our vegetable share, you know it's good!

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      1. Kohlrabi
      2. Broccoli
      3. Boc Choy
      4. Sweet potatoes 
      5. Kabocha Squash
      6. Collard Greens
      7. Baby Rainbow Swiss chard 
      8. Baby Kale
      9. Lettuce 
      10. Butternut Squash
      11. Watermelon Radishes
      12. Carrots
      13. and more!
    • "Tasting the fresh carrots made my husband's eyes light up" - @dorisfullgrabe, Local Roots Member
    • Taproot Farm, PA | AeroFarm, NJ | Brooklyn Grange, BK | Sustainable Aqua Farms, NY | Radicle Farm, NY | MX Morning Star Farm, NY | Primordia Farm, PA

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