Vegetarian Bundle

  • This bundle includes Organic Veggies, Salad Mix and Meat Alternative
  • $30.58 per delivery — reflects 5% off bundled shares!
  • Early bird pricing for Fall Season
  • Price listed is already pro-rated; you will not be charged for weeks you have missed in the season
  • 5 organic veggies weekly, 1/2 lb salad mix twice a month, and 1 type of meat alternative twice a month

5% savings on each item with this bundle!
Avoid decision fatigue at the store and simply pick up your Vegetarian Bundle to cook a complete farm-to-table meal every night of the week. You’ll receive a variety of seasonal vegetables, crispy salad mix, and delicious meat alternatives such as tempeh, tofu, and vegan hot dogs.

    1. Asparagus
    2. Baby Kale
    3. Tomatoes
    4. Salad Mix
    5. Tempeh
    6. Tofu
    7. Vegan Hot Dogs
    8. and more
  • Variety of local farmers

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