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Whole Duck (Add-On)

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Looking to mix up the meat on your dinner table? Enjoy the juicy, delicate, sweet and savory flavors of local duck, which is sure to make any meal memorable. Duclair ducks have been celebrated by chefs and is considered one of the best flavored of all ducks – their meat is rich, complex, and earthy.

  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Pasture-raised
  • 1 whole duck, delivered raw
  • Your item will be ready the week after your order is placed. If you are a Local Roots member, this item will be included in next week’s regular weekly harvest. Of course, the exact day will depend on your regular Local Roots market or delivery day. You will also receive a confirmation email specifying the date of pickup or delivery after purchase.

The Problem

Ducks that have been previously frozen then thawed for the store do not have to be labeled as "previously frozen". When temperatures get too chilly, ice pokes holes in the cell membranes of the duck. Ducks at the supermarket could be 6 months old!

Our Food Fix

We partner with thoughtful farmers who raise their ducks for maximum flavor. Being pasture-raised means ducks actually spend time outside (crazy!) where the majority of their food comes from the bugs and grass they freely forage. This natural diet leads to a healthy lifestyle so that antibiotics and hormones are never part of the process. All of this results in a tender and juicy centerpiece for your Thanksgiving celebration.

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