Sweet Things Wild Thyme

July 17, 2017

Farmer: Andy Kurosz

Products: Honey, pollen, bee propolis

Growing: Organic, Natural Beekeeping

Location: Warwick, NY


Sweet as can be(e)...

Raised and harvested in New York’s Hudson Valley, Sweet Things Wild Thyme helps us provide delicious raw honeys to New Yorkers all year long. Sweet Things bees roam many of the Hudson Valley’s fertile landscapes, aiding in the necessary pollination of countless flowers, trees, and crops.


Sweet Things Wild Thyme honeys are completely raw - which is a good thing! That means that the honey is delivered to you the way nature intended, packed with natural sugars and nutrients, unlike most of what you’d find in the grocery store. And thanks to the bees’ diverse landscapes and pollination preferences, like Apple blossoms, pumpkin flowers and other blooms, Sweet Things honeys come in a unique range of colors and with subtle but distinct flavors notes, from a pale gold to a rich mahogany color.



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